A Whitsun Performance For Carillon And Electronics By Maximilian Marcoll

In the summer of 2014, composer Maximilian Marcoll was asked to write a piece for the Carillon in the Tiergarten in Berlin, to be premiered on Pentecost 2015. Committed and conscious about the current situation in Europe, where the peaceful coexistence of different cultures is overshadowed by xenophobia, Maximilian was determined to spread a peaceful and unifying message. The piece in question, "Adhan" (Arabic for "call to prayer"), consists of a recording of an Islamic call to prayer, doubled in sync by the bells of a Carillon and combined with a recording of an ancient Jewish wind instrument - the Shofar. Hence, the world's largest monotheistic religions are joined together in a single musical and performative gesture: The call of a muezzin, doubled by the bells of the Carillon, supported by the Jewish Shofar, on a Judeo-Christian holiday.

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Maximilian Marcoll